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Tips for Cycling at night

April 30, 2016

Tips for Cycling at night

Accidents happen when we don’t see things.If you’re planning on doing any night cycling you need to be highly visible to be safe on the road. Motorists can’t avoid what they can’t see. A couple of flashing lights on your shoes won’t do the job.

Here are a few things to consider to make your night cycling a safe experience.

Use Reflective Material

Put it on your clothing and on your bike, including front forks and rear stays, wheels, pedals, helmets, ankles and don’t forget your wrists. Hand signals will be more visible with reflective tape. Make sure your clothing is light colored to increase your visibility.

Lights and Reflectors

In B.C. cyclists are required to have a front white headlight, visible for 150 meters, a rear red light which should be visible for at least 100 meters and a rear red reflector visible for 100 meters.

These come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and costs. They should be mounted directly on your bike. Test your lights every time you go for a night cycle.

Come by the shop and we’ll help you make sure you’ve got the best fit for your lighting and reflector needs and that your setup meets or beats legal requirements.

Know Your Route

This can’t be stressed enough. Always check out your route in daylight before riding it at night. Never attempt a new route in the dark. Try to find routes with lower traffic levels and good lighting.

Wear Clear Glasses

Your eyes need protection at night as well as during the day. Safety glasses can work well too and they’re inexpensive.

Many cyclists prefer a yellow lens while night cycling to reduce the glare of lights.

A beaked helmet is useful in keeping the rain off your glasses.

Be Aware

Cycling during the day requires constant vigilance but night cycling introduces a whole new level of caution. Slow down. Watch for unexpected obstacles. If a motor vehicle seems erratic, get out of their way. Never assume that everyone sees you. Motorists are tuned to other motorists.

Turn off the tunes. You can’t hear that massive semi or those sirens blasting if your ears are unavailable.

Stay safe while night cycling!

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