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Stock Your Emergency Kit

by Marty Clermont February 22, 2016

Stock Your Emergency Kit

Nothing can ruin a great day in the saddle like not being prepared for whatever misadventures may befall you. Especially when you know, in hindsight of course, that you could’ve handled it, had you been prepared. We’ve put together a simple list of basics for you as a starting point. Get your emergency kit together so that you’ll feel comfortable knowing that you can handle whatever the road throws at you.

First off you need someplace to put this stuff. This is a matter of personal choice and there are many options available to you. You want it to be reliable, spacious and out of your way while riding.

This is super important as it is the most common cycling problem and it’s sure to leave you behind if you’re not ready for it. If you puncture your front tire while riding through glass, you may well puncture your back tire as well. So take two inner tubes. If you’re really having a lucky day and have a third puncture you’ll need that puncture repair kit.

You need to get your tires off after a puncture. You can get levers in either plastic or metal. Metal levers are much sturdier but you have to know how to use them. Practice at home first.

You’ll need to inflate your tires after you’ve completed your repairs. There are many mini-pump options to choose from. There’s also the CO2 cartridge but unless you know how to use one, go with the tried and true.

Purist cyclers may frown on the multi tool. We just know it works. Next to tire repair, chain repair is right up there. You may break a link, need to fix the join and replace the broken link. This will do it as well as tighten any of your bike components.

Obvious to most but not all. As a cyclist, you are often riding with people that you don’t know all that well. On a piece of paper, write out your pertinent medical information. Include your next of kin, blood type, allergies, known medical conditions and contact info and put it in a sealed plastic bag in your emergency kit.

Sometimes you can’t repair your way out of a situation. Maybe you are travelling solo and need help, fast. Keep your cell handy. Just make sure it’s off when you’re cycling.

You never know when that stashed $20 or $30 may become a lifeline. Getting out of bad situations may cost cab fare. Keep it in your saddlebag for emergencies.

We hope this gets you going to get your emergency kit ready. Need a saddle bag, come into the shop. We’ve got something to suit you. Need stuff for your kit, we can help you out there as well.

Marty Clermont
Marty Clermont


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