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The Best Mountain Bike Trails in BC

by Marty Clermont July 20, 2016

The Best Mountain Bike Trails in BC

B.C. is home to some of the best mountain bike trails in the world. There’s nothing like getting off the road, being away from those vehicles, and enjoying the challenge of a trail while surrounded by forests, mountains and waterways.  

You’ll need a reliable vehicle, your bike and some time. There are so many trails to choose from in our spectacular province. We thought we’d introduce you to five well loved trails. It’s a humble start.

Smith Creek - Westbank

This one seems to make all the favorite lists and receives great reviews. It’s an intermediate single track, scenic, 23 km trail at an elevation of 664m. The route up is a long climb with clever obstacles and a moderate grade. The climb is well worth it as the descent is nothing short of awesome. Riders enjoy the well marked trail in all seasons and many say no trail compares.

Seven Summit Ridge Trail - Rossland

This is a popular, advanced, 34km single track ridge ride located in the stunning Rossland area in the west Kootenays. It’s a breathtaking alpine challenge that takes you past the treeline (elevation 1573 m) above the Red Resort ski hill. Bring plenty of water and supplies as there aren’t any official rest stops. The trail offers long climbs, superb downhills and amazing views.


This is an intermediate, well travelled, 32 km trail located in the heart of Vancouver Island. It’s a trail network with trails ranging from beginner to advanced. If you’d like to add more downhill, make sure you check out nearby Forbidden Plateau. Cumberland is a great area to spend some time in. Camping spots are plentiful.

Ellison Park - Vernon

This is a 10 km single track network of trails in the north Okanagan. All trails are well marked and great for all levels of riders. You’ll encounter some great climbs, descents, switchbacks and interesting terrain. After your ride, go for a swim in the nearby lake to cool off

Mt. McPherson - Revelstoke

This is an intermediate, single track trail at an elevation of 615 m. The trail is interconnected with logging roads and is well signed. It provides a variety of interesting difficulties with some classic climbs and descents. You’ll enjoy some eye-popping scenery. Stop by the local bike shop to get up-to-date information on all trails.

We hope these suggestions whet your appetite to explore some trails around B.C. If you’re feeling like getting away from it all while giving yourself a challenge, this could be it. Besides it’s just so much fun.

Marty Clermont
Marty Clermont