Infinit RIDE Go-Pack

If you are cycling 2 hours or longer, Ride is all you need!

Ride is carefully formulated to maximize calories from 3 sources of carbohydrates and New Zealand whey isolate, supply you with the right level of electrolytes while remaining isotonic (less concentrated) than your bodily fluids, ensuring it gets into your system rapidly and does so, all day long.

Ride is all you will need no matter the duration, 2 hrs to 24 hrs. Everything you need in one bottle, focus on your riding, while we fuel your performance. Can't stomach chalky blends after 3 hours on the saddle, you won't have to with Ride, easy drinking as long as you chose to go!

Osmolality: 251
Calories/Serving: 274
Cost/Serving: $3.45
Cost/100 Calories: $1.26

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