Wahoo KickR trainer - Russ Hays
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Wahoo KickR trainer

 Personalized power-based training with built in power meter. 

- Real power data, not "virtual" or "estimated" power like some other trainers.
- Identify your weaknesses, maximize your potential.
- Customize your workouts to your cycling ability or fitness level
- No cheating! Set your power level and let the KICKR drive the resistance to push your performance to the next level

High inertia flywheel provides realistic road feel
- The only alternative to riding outdoors

Wheel off design
- Save your tires for the road, not the basement floor

Easy setup, wireless, connect and go.

Train with virtual courses
- Tackle the world's great climbs
- Explore new roads or crush your local ride

Train with structured intervals
- Use power to train efficiently and increase your fitness to set a personal best or grab a Strava segment

*Not all on-line items are in store for immediate purchase. Please inquire as to status if concerned.

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