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Welcome to the Russ Hay's family

Since 1959 we have been helping everyone from the young to the young at heart enjoy the wonderful world of cycling. Be it choosing your child's first run bike, building your dream racing machine, or finding just the right basket for your morning commute; we are here to help put a big smile on your face.

Russ Hay's the Bike Shop Timeline

The Russ Hay’s Timeline

1959: Russ Hay & Marion Hay buy a second-hand store, weed out everything except used bikes, and Russ Hay’s the Bicycle Shop is born.

1960’s: Russ Hay’s move to a larger store on Government Street

1974: Mike & Ambriss Clermont buy the shop and keep the name as a way of honouring reputation and tradition of family owned, friendly service

1982: Martin Clermont (Mike’s son) turns his first wrench at the age of 12

1985: Russ Hay’s Sidney Location opens

1986: Mike Korb starts working on the sales floor

1987: Fluffy (A.K.A Aaron Dusseault) joins the Russ Hay’s family

1988: Russ Hay’s the Bicycle Shop moves to its current location on Hillside Avenue

2005: Erin Clermont - Mike C.’s daughter-in-law – works her first shift

2007: Conor Conley starts working as a mechanic in the Victoria shop

2012: Ambriss passes away after a valiant battle with cancer – Martin steps up as co-owner with his dad

2013: Conor becomes a co-owner and manager of the Sidney location

2015: Erin & Mike K. join the Hillside shop ownership team 

2017: Marty retires before his dad!

Today: Continuing a proud tradition of supporting community, family, and fun!