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Come Ride With Us

Saturday Road and/or Gravel Ride- Victoria 

Road or Gravel (will be stated in each week’s description)
Time: Variable
Location: Variable
Pace: No Drop. Road ride pace averages 22-26km/h average. Almost always ends in a coffee somewhere.
Route: Varies with group size and experience level of group
Leaders: Connie, Peter, Mike R.

Day, Time, and location are subject to change. For latest updates, make sure to join us on Strava

Tuesday Classic Waterfront Road Ride 55km

Road Bike Ride
Time: 6:15 PM
Location: Russ Hay’s Victoria 650 Hillside Ave.
Pace: Advanced - a very spirited ride with hard efforts and sprints. Riders should be prepared to push themselves to their limits and be experienced riding in groups/racing. The 55km loop is completed under 2 hours.

This is a participant lead ride.

A Note on Rider Responsibility

This is a club ride and your leader(s) will do their human best to try to make this ride both fun and safe. All riders on this ride accept that all activities in life come with their inherent risk. As such, everyone is responsible for their own safety and everyone is expected to do their human best to make this ride a positive for everyone else including: their fellow riders, other road/trail users, the barista who didn’t get enough sleep last night, and anyone else we might encounter.

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