Tune Up Service Levels - Russ Hays
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Tune Up Service Levels

Level 4 Service Safety Check $40
-Bolt/torque check 
-Lube drivetrain 
-Inflate tires 
Level 3 Service Check-up $85
-Everything in Level 4 
-Mechanical brakes setup and adjusted 
* Hydraulic brake bleed add $20 and up
-Mechanical shifting setup and adjusted 
Internally routed cables add $20
Electronic shifting setup/firmware update add $10 and up
-Wheel inspection, light truing and tensioning
* Major wheel truing add $10 and up
-Cup & cone style bearing adjustments
Hub/headset/bottom bracket overhaul add $30 and up
-Basic cleaning and detailing
Level 2 Service Tune-up  $130
-Everything in Level 3 
-Drivetrain (chain/cassette/crankset) removed and solvent bathed 
-Complete wash, lust, and detailing 
Level 1 Service Tune-up Plus $200
-Everything in Level 2 
-Hub, Bottom Bracket, and Headset bearings replaced
Common Repairs
-Flat Repair/Tire Change $10 -Brake Bleed $20+
*Electronic and Dutch Style Bikes $10-30 -Wheel Truing/Spoke Repair $20+
-Bike Boxed $50 -Fender Install $15-120
*Includes box and packing materials * Road bikes will be most expensive
-Drivetrain Clean $50 -Accessory Install $5+