Garmin Edge Touring

  • GPS enabled
  • Data fields: timer, distance, odometer, average speed/max speed, calories, elevation, total ascent/descent, gradient, current HR, courses, distance to destination/next, ETA at destination, time to destination, heading
  • General data fields: battery level, GPS accuracy, sunrise/sunset, temperature, time of day
  • Touch screen display, glove compatible
  • Battery life: 15 hours
  • Round trip routing, active routing compatible (SD card sold seperatly)
  • Bike-specific map on a plug and play microSD card: will guide ride with clear turn-by-turn visual instructions on roads, unpaved roads and bike paths
  • -01: elevation, gradient, total ascent/descent, ANT+ support, LEV eBike Support (ANT+)
  • -02: total ascent/descent only, no ANT+ support, no LEV/e-bike support
  • - 01 includes: unit, quarter turn mount (660029-05), USB cable, Micro SD crad (Garmin cyling map), manual

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