Kinetic inRide Heart Rate Strap

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The Kinetic Heart Rate Strap uses the Bluetooth SmartŠܢ communication protocol found in the iPhone 4s, 5 series and iPhone 6 and the iPad 3, 4, Mini and iPod Touch 5th generation to wirelessly pair with thenew Kinetic inRide App* to measure heart rate. The heart rate strap will also work with the most popular running, cycling and fitness Apps using Bluetooth SmartŠܢ?ÕÌ_such as Strava, Runmeter, RunKeeper, Cyclemeter, MapMyRun, Endomondo, Runtastic, and dozens more.

*AVAILABLE FOR iPhone 4s, 5 series, iPhone 6 and iPad 3, 4, Mini and the iPod Touch 5th generation (The Kinetic inRide App is NOT AN iPAD-SPECIFIC APP)

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