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Kinetic Road Machine Trainer SMART

This is the same as the very well know bla bla bla as below... BUT this is the SMART Road Machine, which means it comes equipped with the inRide Bluetooth transmitter !

You can use the Kinetic App to see all your metics... yes including power

As well can now use you Kinetic to play on new fun fitness apps like Zwift

Have fun... sweat lots !

The benchmark for fluid bike trainers. Quiet, smooth, and 100% leak-proof. From intervals to threshold work to recovery spins the Road Machine offers a wide range of workout options. There is no trainer that more accurately replicates an outdoor ride indoors thanks to our precision-calibrated fluid resistance unit. The Kinetic Road Machine is compatible with the Kinetic inRide Watt Meter

In the box: Trainer comes with one standard cone cup and one slotted cone cup installed. Additional standard cone cup and Kinetic skewer are also included.

Bikes with a thru-axle in the rear will require one of our Traxle thru-axle adapters for use on any trainer

*not all on-line items are in-store for immediate purchase, please inquire as to status if concerned.

*Not all on-line items are in store for immediate purchase. Please inquire as to status if concerned.

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