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LOOK Keo Blade 2 Cr pedal 12Nm



The Look Keo Blade 2 CR is the next in line to the Keo Blade 2 TI, and it benefits from all the innovations and technologies developed through the years for the Blade series. The Keo Blade 2 CR has been optimized for more power, more stability, and even better aerodynamics than its predecessor.

Look's Keo Blade 2 CR's design is based on the new wide Carbon blade, which gives you a 17% wider body for an ultra-stable platform for your feet. Even though the pedals are wide, the cornering clearance was actually increased due to the widening occurring at the topside of the pedals. To further increase efficiency, the Blade 2 features a reduced stack height by using an oversized chromoly spindle. This brings your cleat closer to the pedal, which minimizes power lost in the transfer from your feet to the drivetrain. The stack height of the Keo Blade 2 CR is 13mm. A permanent cleat-stop contact ensures the same contact no matter what angle your foot is pedaling.

At the heart of the Blade 2 pedals is the "blade." This piece of carbon in this innovative design was placed at the center or "heart" of the pedal. It has been fully integrated into the design. The blade's function is to flex against the retention plate to hold your cleat in place. By placing it the full length of the pedal your foot is not only held more securely, but the pedal's aerodynamic profile is also enhanced. And, although it may seem like a pedal doesn't make that much of a difference when faced with a headwind, for those of you who race against a clock, you know that every second counts.

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