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Ryders Face - Matte Black Amber antiFOG lens




Whether you’re grinding through a tight, twisty climb or simply stopped at an intersection, fogged lenses are an inevitability for many of us when wearing sports eyewear. The RYDERS antiFOG lens is the ultimate solution to this all-to-common problem.

How does RYDERS antiFOG work? The back of the lens has a military-grade, hydrophilic layer. The layer absorbs and disperses water vapour/humidity throughout the material, eliminating the opportunity for it to condense on the surface as fog. RYDERS antiFOG will absorb more than any other fog-resistant treatment and it’s far more durable, never requiring reapplication.

The Hydrophobic layer on the front of the lens sheds water, leaving a clear view—free from large droplets and water marks. Like every RYDERS lens, it’s impact resistant and optically correct with 100% UVA, UVB, UVC protection.

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