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Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost

Thomson, forever the go to seatpost if you wanted lightweight and durability. Many have begrudgingly given up their beloved Thomson post for one of the many dropper posts available but now Thomsonhave answered your prayers. You want the increasedhave answered your prayers.

You want the increasedcontrol a dropper post gives you? Well now you canput a Thomson post back on your bike!

Thomson's cartridge based system is designed to have the longest service life in the industry. If repair is needed it is fast, affordable and simple. As you would expect from Thomson, every single component is the best available. Custom made Norglide bearing bushings are protected by custom made Trelleborg O-rings and seals keeping in place Motul oil. With Thomson's renowned saddle clamps topping off, this is the drop post good enough to be called a Thomson Elite. Weighing in at 450 grams it is also the lightest drop post available.

While all drop posts will require service, the Thomson Dropper Post has the longest field life with a 2 year guarantee and the easiest least expensive service procedure. Thomson's replaceable internal cartridge system makes service quick and foolproof. Seals sized to fit perfectly combined with synthetic oil give a wide operating temperature range. Custom double lipradial spring outer bushings provide both smooth operation and maximum resistance to contamination.

The side mounted actuation mechanism means Thomson can keep all the critical dimensions of the Thomson Elite cradle bolt and clamp geometry. The one piece forged inner stanchion provides strength and reliability with no joint to loosen and fail. Actuation is by a cam so the rider gets smooth variable speed and height without resorting to a complicated damage prone hydraulic actuator. and no bleeding is required either. 5mm of setback is built in to the seatpost cradle allowing a little more cockpit room.

Unlike some other dropper posts, the Thomson Dropper is designed not to extend when the bike is lifted by the saddle.

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